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Air transport for dogs, cats and other animals.



We are leaders on the Romanian market, with more than 16 years' experience in the air transport of pets in cargo regime.

As animal lovers, the entire staff of our company actively and affectively participates to each shipment.

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Specialty advice for the travel

We will discuss with you (by telephone or during a pre-established meeting) to clarify all details and requirements necessary to export from Romania and import into the country of destination. Once set, we will jointly establish the best approach for that shipment.

Preparation and dispatch of documents to destination

We are preparing all documents necessary for the export (sanitary certificates, TRACES certificates etc.), as well as transportation and customs documents. We are sending to destination the set of documents necessary for customs clearance into the country of destination.

Supply and preparation of the travel kennel

We are providing a proper travel kennel for any air transport of dogs, cats or other animals. Travel kennels can be both standard, from plastic, as well as wood kennels for any type of animal and for any dog breed (certain dogs, considered dangerous or very powerful require a special model of travel kennel). We are properly labeling and equipping the kennel.

Transport and accommodation to boarding

We are transporting the animal across the country, from sender's domicile to the airport. We are also ensuring the accommodation if the flight is not on the same day.

Do you need to send an animal by plane?

We pay all the attention and care to your precious shipment, from the advice before the travel to the safe receipt of the animal at destination.


How do I choose the proper travel kennel?


Find out all information you need to know before sending a dog, a cat or any other pet or exotic animal under legal and maximum safety and comfort conditions to another European country or from any other continent.

Find out which are your responsibilities, what documents should accompany the pet, what conditions it should comply with and which travel kennels are approved by the airline companies.

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International dog transport, cats and other animals by plane.

We deal with documentation, consultancy and kennel selection to provide you with the complete fast and safe transport solution for your pet as well as exotic animals. We provide national car transport from home/ office to the airport, as well as accommodation for animals, if necessary.