11 lions saved from Ukraine

Proud to be part of this special move! 2 of them, MIR and SIMBA traveled to South Africa, their forever home, in freedom. Another 9 adults and cubs to the USA in the sanctuary WARRIORS OF LIFE.


Patrick and his trip to Tel Aviv

Our precious “ cargo” is flying today to Tel Aviv. A great THANK YOU to TURKISH AIRLINES, the most flexible, cooperative and professional airline I have dealt with during difficult times! Best airline ever! Good trip, Patrick!


Animal Transport occupies the 1st place in the field of activities related to Air Transport

About perseverance, seriousness, performance, efficiency, team, determination and extreme care for pets. This evening, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest has handed us the Number 1 spot on our field of activity (RELATED ACTIVITIES TO AIR TRANSPORT). It is a highlight of the effort made during the last 17 years in this activity as interesting, unique and so delicate


Import of a Puma female from Spain

We met last night at Otopeni airport a beautiful Puma female, import from Spain for the Zoo Bucharest. We trust she will be admired in the future by the little ones and adults as well.

Tatanka, the Guinea pig

Another successful shipment, this time being involved not a dog or a cat as usual , but another type of animal, a Guinea Pig. Tatanka has flown to Zurich to meet his new friend, Michi. Now Tatanka and Michi are a couple and maybe they will have a numerous family in the future. The “ mummy” of the two Guinea Pigs, Mirona, entrusted us with the transportation of her two small animals , from the moment of the construction of the standard IATA cages until the arrival in Zurich.

International dog transport, cats and other animals by plane.

We deal with documentation, consultancy and kennel selection to provide you with the complete fast and safe transport solution for your pet as well as exotic animals. We provide national car transport from home/ office to the airport, as well as accommodation for animals, if necessary.