Valentin Bortaș

Valentin Bortas is the founder of the shipment company incorporated in 1994. The company started its work as general carrier of goods, acting as a freight forwarder. The knowledge that Valentin gathered in the field of carriage and international trade, and that he shared to other team members, rendered his business and activity work in parallel, hand in hand and develop in a professional and efficient manner.

Anelise Bortaș

ANELISE BORTAS is the starter of the pet shipping project within out company, as well as a pathfinder in the air transport of pets in Romania. The first air transport of a pet was made possible by Anelise in May 2002. She continued studying, improving and gathering knowledge since then, to the use and benefit of pets and their masters.

Raluca Mateiescu

Is the oldest and most devoted person, both towards the pets she handles and towards the company for which she has been working during the last 12 years. She is the person who put her shoulder to the wheel of this activity. She is always careful, in stand-by, generous and smiling, even under stressful conditions that we must often face.

Mihai Gheorghe

Mihai is a person who proved that one can start new things at any age. He joined our team in 2016 and his activity is a mingle between driver and builder of travel kennels for certain dog breeds. We are impressed by his speed and seriousness at work!

Nicolae Rădoi

Since Nae has joint our team, we are all confident that animals are properly cared for just before boarding. The last stroll on a leash in the airport, the last control of the travel kennel, labeling, health and glee of pets are carried out by Nae. He is the one that points our any irregularity that might result into the delay of a travel that might be harmful for the little pet.

Anca Udrescu

She joined our team in October 2018 and she is very excited about what she is doing, considering the area she just joined, a very exciting one. Additionally, we are glad that in our team joined a pet lover!

Gheorghe Băncuță

Is the keeper of our little boarding house where pets spend their last hours or even days before their boarding. Despite his age, he is always careful and thoughtful with pets that stay at our boarding house.

Magda Popescu

Magda Popescu and Acum Vet S.R.L team are the veterinarians always helping us when we face difficulties before departure. More than once we had to resort to her help as a doctor, and to the help of the entire Acum Vet S.R.L. team. When we have any suspicion that pets are ill, we ask the Acum Vet team to treat and hospitalize them. They return to us only when they are well and able to fly.

Lăcrămioara Vasiliu

Lăcrămioara is the newest person in our company. She joined the team on March 1st, 2019. She is in the process of preparing and discovering new things, and every animal that comes to us has the privilege of being spoiled by our new colleague.

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International dog transport, cats and other animals by plane.

We deal with documentation, consultancy and kennel selection to provide you with the complete fast and safe transport solution for your pet as well as exotic animals. We provide national car transport from home/ office to the airport, as well as accommodation for animals, if necessary.