Founded in 1994, the company INFINITE MARKETING GROUP SRL has 24 years of experience in the cargo air transport, as well as more than 16 years of experience in air transport of pets as manifested cargo, being a market leader in Romania in this field of activity.



Our staff is permanently training and preparing, participates to international training classes in this respect, as the preparation and shipment of such precious and delicate transport needs years of experience and last, but not least, a lot of passion. We are graduates of IATA LIVE ANIMALS REGULATION training courses, organized at the most important European airports and, since 2007, we are members of IPATA association, an international renown organization that includes all professional carriers of pets all over the world. ( Due to this, we can make special “door to door” transports, because we have trustful partners all over the world. They will deliver your pet under maximum safety conditions!

Cargo air transport for pets

To the extent our client portfolio got bigger and we accumulated experience as air transport agent, we learnt that the development of a new airline shipping service is necessary, which is less known and practiced by the other cargo agents, namely the CARGO AIR TRANSPORT FOR PETS, a segment of our activity which is both interesting and complicated. We discovered that the most pleasant thing to do is to bring joy to people, to give them their smile back and a good mood to the pet, when the family is reunited. This made us focus on the transport of such precious “cargo”, it made us do anything necessary so that everything becomes easier and most convenient, both for masters and for their small animals.


Your pet is in good hands

As animal lovers, the entire staff of our company actively and affectively participates to each shipment. From collection from their house to the boarding on the plane, pets are treated with care and affection, are cared for and properly accommodated in our specially-created boarding house. Moreover, pets’ masters are informed during the shipping about the status of the shipment, of their pet, we are sending photos from the departure, arrival terminal and, sometimes, even from the transit pet hotel.

What customers say


Do you need to send an animal by plane?

We pay all the attention and care to your precious shipment, from the advice before the travel to the safe receipt of the animal at destination.


International dog transport, cats and other animals by plane.

We deal with documentation, consultancy and kennel selection to provide you with the complete fast and safe transport solution for your pet as well as exotic animals. We provide national car transport from home/ office to the airport, as well as accommodation for animals, if necessary.