11 lions saved from Ukraine

Proud to be part of this special move! 2 of them, MIR and SIMBA traveled to South Africa, their forever home, in freedom. Another 9 adults and cubs to the USA in the sanctuary WARRIORS OF LIFE.


A home for stray dogs

It is a fabulous feeling to known that you can somehow help, that unfortunate stray dogs can find a home, a carrying family somewhere. During our activity we had the opportunity to work with Romanian and foreign associations that help stray animals. Our role was to render the air transport as little expensive as possible and to find the most convenient shipping solutions. Among these associations and foundations, we mention:


Saving wild animals / Born Free Foundation

Born Free Foundation wishes to thank Anelise Bortas and all employees of Infinite Marketing Group for the help and patience they proved during the organization of the shipment of the two lion cubs to a temporary domicile in Guersey Island, Great Britain.

The cubs, abandoned in Romania, were cared for by “Alianța pentru Protecția Animalelor”(APAR). Born Free Foundation is currently carrying for these lion cubs in their own sanctuary, until they will reach Shamwari reserve in South Africa. Lion cubs were initially transported to a temporary residence, in the quarantine shelter in Guernsey island. Guernsey is an independent country, part of Great Britain but not of the European Union. This status of Guernsey Island gave Anelise, as well as us, “Born Free” foundation, and APAR, a lot of trouble during the fulfilment of all formalities.

Anelise was of great help and very efficient in all aspects, being at the other end of the line all the time, until all problems were settled. We will continue to use Infinite Marketing Group, for sure, should we organize another shipment of lions again.

Tricia Holford
Coordinator, Salvation Program
Born Free Foundation

International dog transport, cats and other animals by plane.

We deal with documentation, consultancy and kennel selection to provide you with the complete fast and safe transport solution for your pet as well as exotic animals. We provide national car transport from home/ office to the airport, as well as accommodation for animals, if necessary.